"New" such a small, yet impactful word.  New car, new house, new business, new baby, new job.  With all new things, we are brought excitement, but also a lot of unknowns.  What if I wreck my car? Do I have the right insurance for my house? Will I be successful? Will I be a good parent?  Will I like my new boss? We can't ever 100% know the answers to those questions, but we face them head on, with a positive attitude, learn from our mistakes, and strive to be our best.

As we near our two month mark of being a business, I think about all the "new" things that we have learned and gained.  We have so many amazing new customers and the awesome support of our friends, families, and communities.  We also have a deeper friendship and understanding of one another as we find our significant roles of making things run smoothly on a daily basis.  This isn't to say there haven't been mistakes or tough lessons learned, but we have grown as individuals and as partners, but most importantly as friends.  

So, while we are still finding something "new" about our ever growing business each day, I can say it has been a whole lot easier to embrace with the three of us working together.  Find people that help you embrace the "new".  Ones that will encourage you through the learning parts and celebrate you through the successes.  Ones that you can depend on and go to when the "new" thing may not have been what you expected or wanted it to be.  Those are the relationships you want to cultivate and keep.  Doing life with those people will make all of your "new" endeavors so much more rewarding. 

Thank you all for embracing the "new" with us this far!